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At the Beach
Sand Island, just a 5 minute boat ride
from Hand Cove Resort
Pull your boat right up on the soft sand beach.
Bring the whole family
Almost Paradise
A perfect place for a beach picnic
Concrete picnic table on Sand Island.
White sand and clear shallow water,
great for the little ones
Gena and Robert goofin' at the beach
Deano's Yacht with Captain and First Mate
Jet Skis are popular around the beaches.
Easy to exchange jet ski riders in the shallow water.
Jordan Marina rents jet skis,
just a 2 minute boat ride from the beach.
Tubing near the beach
Toby taking a swim at Sand Island
Set up for the day
Almost 80, still beachin', looking 50
That's Adrienne under all that sand.
Anything you can do, I can do better!
Quality time with Mom, Norfork Lake style
Ryan and Stax hangin at Sand Island
He's thinking they might
have some treats on those boats
There's plenty of room, pull on up
Hurry, the party's gettin started.
We should do this again tomorrow
How about some volleyball
Pontoon parade
No worries, the boss can't find me here.
Uh, oh
Yep, he's home mowing the lawn.
She's about to get dunked!
Comin' at ya
Max, wanting to take a swim
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