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Down The River
A Norfork River Adventure
Heading for the first turn and some mild rapids
A little rapid action here
Norfork River is great for kayaking.
Canoes are fun too.
Folks like to float together in groups.
Some like to go it alone.
A highlight of the float trip,
walking under the waterfall.
Hey, we're having a great time!
The scenery is beautiful.
More Rapids
A little choppy and a lot of fun!
Approaching Tornado Bridge
Do you think they'll ever catch up?
Get ready, here come some more rapids.
This is the life!
Anyone wanna race?
There's nothing like this back home!
Whoo Hoo!!
Too much fun.. time for a nap.
A Norfork River resident
They look relaxed.
But what about those rapids around the bend!
Another fast-moving part of the river
Taking a break from rowing.
Let the river do the work for a while.
Floating to shore for some lunch.
There's plenty of shady areas to stop on the river bank.
Fishing is popular.
The water is so clear you can see them nibble.
A Norfork River family
The rope swing!
One of the rare deep areas on the river
just happens to be under the rope swing.
Now this is fun!
Gotta do this one more time
Bracing for the drop
A popular area to wade
Or walk along the spillway
Or enjoy the natural jacuzzi
The Norfork River Ladies Club
Much of the river is shallow enough to walk.
Floating is better than walking.
Happy Canoers
This is it, the Norfork River source of Norfork Lake.
Arriving at Dawt Mill.
Time for ice cream or lunch at the restaurant.
We conquered the Norfork River!
What a great day!
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