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Water Adventures
A look back at Hand Cove
as the Norfork Lake water adventure begins
They plan to tackle the LuLu,
not knowing LuLu will get the best of them.
Tubing is a great way to start the day.
But where's the tuber?
Here's the tubers, two of them, having a great time!
She's ready to go tubing!
Hey that water sure looks good.
Let's all take a swim.
This cove has room for a few more. Jump in!
How about a little Jet Skiing?
Pontoons are always fun.
Pontoons are even more fun
when you hide out underneath.
My favorite way to have good talks with Mom
There's nothing she'd rather be doing.
The Hand Cove Resort Yacht Club
Yacht Club Games
Jamming to the tunes
Dancing to the tunes
Climbing the bluff
Jumping from the bluff
Exploring the cave
Go long!
Practically drowning, but he caught it!
So glassy, the water reflects the clouds.
Think it's time to ski?
Picking up speed. Did he get up?
Looking good!
Looking very good!
A little friend stopped by
Some friends floating by
Turkeys like the lake too.
A resident eagle surveying all the activity.
Camping Lore
At the Beach
Kiddin Around
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